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About GoGreen:
Since GoGreen’s inception in 2001 we have devoted ourselves to the roofing trade. GoGreen Roofing Corp. specializes in roof repair, roof maintenance, and roof replacement of all types of roofing systems.

Energy Conservation:
The surface of a dark roof can increase in temperature as much as 65°C to 90˚ C. Light colored renewable acrylic surfaces have high solar reflectance and a high emittance, which redirect the radiation back to the environment. By blocking solar radiation your energy costs are largely mitigated, as heating and cooling usually use a large portion of energy consumption in buildings.

Our Goal:
To exceed our customer expectations in all areas of performance through constant vigilance of your project. Through expert observation, analysis, and reporting on our clients roofing systems, we can properly identify and diagnose their roofing system and waterproofing problems with honesty, integrity and accuracy.

Our Green Promise:
It is our promise that a roof system applied by GoGreen Roofing Corporation is accomplished by using the best materials available and with a style of integrity and workmanship that is unsurpassed in the roofing industry. We promise that our technical staff and our supreme Customer Service Department will be available to you “24-7” 365 days a year..


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